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EroTonus will improve your sexual performance!

Today a plenty of men face with issues concerning their sexual function, significant stamina worsening and decreased libido. All these problems lead to sexual dysfunction. But how to deal with this problem? Due to the new discoveries in the field of treating sexual dysfunction the new remedy has been found out recently. EroTonus is a natural dietary supplement, which is primarily designed and mass-produced in order to solve all your problems with sexual vigor.

How It Works

An active sex life will save you from the problems associated with interrupting the functioning of the urogenital system and will minimize the development of male diseases such as prostatitis and adenoma. The scientists have successfully selected the composition of the supplement and, therefore, it was possible to solve all the problems described in the previous section. Because of this, EroTonus capsules have a wide range of useful functions that will help you:

  • restore an erection to the physiological norm;
  • improve your relationships with women and make them more vivid, fill yourself with pleasant sensations;
  • avoid the so-called "shame in bed";
  • increase the quantity and quality of sperm;
  • stabilize the metabolic processes in the body;
  • act as prophylaxis of impotence;
  • increase resistance and self-confidence;
  • activate male sexual power.


This product consists of natural plant extracts, a rich combination of vitamins and minerals, which altogether increase endurance considerably.

  1. Fenugreek extract offers support to erectile function.
  2. Maca powder supports libido and endurance.
  3. Tongkat ali powder supports libido and sexual performance.
  4. Horny goat weed extract improves erectile function, libido and cognitive function.
  5. Panax ginseng root can support your body battle against fertility problems and erectile problems in men.
  6. Niacin (Vitamin B3) has a supporting effect on cardiovascular health, metabolism and on cognitive function.
  7. Zinc carries a natural electrical charge. It supports body ability to synthesis collagen.
  8. Copper supports blood vessels and fertility.

How to Use It

EroTonus is a capsule to improve erection, restore potency and treat urological diseases associated with permanent or temporary impotence. This medicine is manufactured in the form of capsules, which contain 300 mg of fast acting active ingredient. By taking 1 capsule of EroTonus before intercourse, you can be 100% sure that you will have a strong erection for a long time, regardless of age.


I noticed the effect of EroTonus immediately after drinking the first capsule. A hard erection came back, as it used to be in my youth. I decided to try a full course of therapy, as recommended by the manufacturer. The quality is excellent, there are positive impressions of the effect. I sincerely recommend it; you will not regret it!

Leo, 48

On the Internet I saw an advertisement for EroTonus. It was written there that it would restore men’s power well. At first I thought it was a hoax, and I was afraid to try it. But, realizing that the situation only gets worse, I decided to buy. In general, I will say that I only have positive impressions: my resistance has improved, sex has become more vivid and longer.

Oscar, 39

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Joanne Black
Joanne Black
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2 years

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Store at 25C in a dark place

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